My name is Samantha, most folks just call me Sam. I live in the Milwaukee area, and love everything about my city. I've got Wisconsin pride coursing through my veins, and tattooed on my skin. I love to travel, spend time with my dog and husband, and really enjoy soaking up great weather by being outdoors as much as possible. I can talk about beer and baking until my jaw falls off, you've been warned. Wherever I go, you will typically find my camera coming along with for the ride. My gear has traveled to across the states, journeyed to Canada for a quick lunch over the border, and wandered through the streets of Europe. 

I've played with cameras my whole life, never really knowing exactly what I was doing. Some of my earliest memories take place in my grandparent’s basement, playing with an old camera that my grandma gave me, and pretending to take her picture. With my first smart phone, I started just taking photos for fun, for me. I finally made the commitment to learning formally during my last semester of college. I had bought my first DSLR a year before, and needed to know what all the special buttons meant after getting bored of shooting on auto all the time. Walking out of my first lesson left me feelings of determination combined with a new found excitement and sense of wonder. Those same feelings are still felt each time I pick up my camera. This photographic journey of mine is just starting, and I look forward to continuing to grow and learn with each photo I take. 

My photography work focuses on capturing weddings. The day you want to remember for the rest of your life. I've worked in wedding photography since 2015 when I became a second shooter for another local photographer. Since then, I've built up my own business and been privileged to be selected by many couples over the years. I value the vision you have for your day and spend the time before your wedding getting to know you. When the day comes, I feel like I'm witnessing and honored to capture the wedding of a friend. 

I'd love to talk to you about any upcoming events, projects, or special moments you'd like to have captured. 

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